Why Choose Thryfty?

Why Thryfty?

Welcome to our website. If you’re here, it means you have good taste. People with good taste are always welcome around here.

“But why should I buy from you?” you might think. 

In a sea of people trying to sell boring jewelry to make a quick buck, Thryfty aims to disrupt and innovate. Everything from our designs to our quality materials is selected in-house by a team that values style and the consumer experience over all else.


Here at Thryfty, we aim for unique designs you won’t find anywhere else--we want our jewelry to be as unique as our customers. We typically look to music, street-style and pop culture for inspiration, so our designs are always on-trend and ever-changing. Boring isn’t in our vocabulary here; everything we sell is a guaranteed conversation starter. We offer customizable lengths and styles for all of our chains, so you can have a piece that’s true to you.


Life is always rough--just make sure our jewelry can keep up. Fed up with cheap, unsafe metals with a tendency to tarnish and turn green on contact (or worse, cause allergic reactions), we decided enough was enough. Our designs use our high-quality signature stainless steel and 18k gold plating; hypoallergenic and safe to wear in the water with no risk of tarnishing, our designs are built to last. Your style is timeless, so why shouldn’t your jewelry be?


We’re no strangers to the over-inflation of prices in the jewelry market. We believe having high quality, long-lasting pieces shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so we’ll never charge you for those. Or your firstborn child. You can keep that, too. This means you can get more pieces to mix and match for the same price as one piece from our competitors--and more is more, right?

We can try to convince you all day, but the best way to find out just how good Thryfty is just buying a piece for yourself. Once you go Thryfty, it’s hard to go back--our loyal customers can attest to that.


  • Justin from Thryfty

    Yo Mark! Appreciate the support and love that energy 💯

  • Mark

    🔥🔥 y’all are going up in 2020 I can see it now

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