A letter from Justin, the founder.

I've always been fascinated by the concept of having a "story". Maybe it's because when you're setting towards your goals, you never really stop to think that every action you take is part of this larger over-arching narrative. Or maybe it's the fact that no matter what, only you can tell your own story in it's truest form.   

Thryfty was born out of necessity. Before I started this company, there weren't many options for affordable jewelry that actually looked good and wouldn't turn your neck green. Most of the jewelry pieces that were available on the market were the same old, played out and downright boring designs that had been sold for decades prior. I saw this as an opportunity to help people express their unique style beyond just clothing and knew that my love for streetwear gave me an interesting perspective to bring to the field of jewelry. So I did it...  

I started a company out of my dorm room.  

Of course there were many trials and tribulations between then and now but fast forward a few years later and we've grown to a team of 10 like-minded and passionate individuals that handle everything from product design, clothing production and fulfilling your orders (and damn fast too)! We operate independently out of our own fulfillment center in Michigan (the mitten on the map) and everything you see on our site is exclusively designed, assembled and shipped out by us. But it doesn't stop at jewelry; we're also proud to offer our very own clothing line that is fully screen printed and embroidered in-house by our staff as well.  

It's not often you'll find companies that actually handle all facets of their operations, but this allows us to make sure that each package we send out is up to our standards and you as a customer get the best experience possible. You also won't find many other companies that truly care about their supporters as much as we do. I personally run the company Instagram myself (over 100,000 followers and counting, go follow! @thryfty) and love to connect and interact with each and every one of you as much as possible. At the end of the day, this isn't our brand, it's yours. You guys are the reason we're able to keep the lights on in this place and that's why we strive to do our best to listen. Hell, almost half our website is pieces that you guys specifically requested we make.   I guess the purpose of this letter was to provide some answers to questions we frequently get, so I'll sum it all up:  

  • Yes, we are a real company
  • Yes, we ship from the United States (unlike many others on IG)
  • No, you cannot find any of the pieces on our site anywhere else

If you have any other questions or suggestions for how we could improve, please feel free to hit us up via email at support@shopthryfty.com or on Instagram @thryfty

- Justin (Co-Owner of Thryfty)